baby led weaning is when you forego the purees and go straight in at the deep end with appropriate finger foods. the gill rapley guidelines for baby led weaning are accessible through our links list. this is our nearly baby led weaning diary. the best place to start is at the bottom and work your way up. enjoy! hilly and charlotte.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

soya cheese

just got back from a mammoth shopping trip (all for charlotte, as usual!).
she is currently sitting in her highchair munching on a chunk of soya cheese, which tastes a bit like processed cheese slices and is a bit salty, but i think she deserves a treat. we also have a tofu based cheese spread type thing, some vegetarian pate to try out and some lo-salt stock cubes all from holland and barrett.

i also bought the tommee tippee steriliser, which is chugging away in the kitchen getting bottles ready for use later today. i was very good and expressed milk this morning, so we may have our first proper go with a bottle tonight.

the lucky girl has new babygros as well. i think the 3-6 month ones were getting a bit tight!

1 comment:

Billy's Mummy said...

That cheese doesnt sound great, poor lo not been able to have dariy! I supsose tho if she's never gonna know any different she'll not miss it.

You sound like me, with the shopping, i actually forget to buy us food as i'm always looking for foods ford Billy!