baby led weaning is when you forego the purees and go straight in at the deep end with appropriate finger foods. the gill rapley guidelines for baby led weaning are accessible through our links list. this is our nearly baby led weaning diary. the best place to start is at the bottom and work your way up. enjoy! hilly and charlotte.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

sick baby

aaaah, she went to see the doctor and she is officially sick. she has a wheeze which the doctor thinks is bronchiolitis and has prescribed some antibiotics for. i opened the bottle and it is the same stuff i remember taking as a kid when i had ear infections - the smell really took me back. i gave her some and it dyed her lips and tongue bright yellow - i'm sure there's no need to put dyes in medicines - it's not like she's looking at it and thinking "oooh, i'll like that as it's bright yellow".

she had some toast for breakfast and i'll probably give her some veggies for lunch. nothing new for a few days in case she has a reaction and we can't tell if it's the antibiotics or the food.

she's pretty happy though, and currently bouncing in her door bouncer while i type. she's started getting grumpy when i take her out of it - she'd stay in all day if i let her!

1 comment:

Billy's Mummy said...

Poor monkey - get btter soon!

We had to stop Billy in door bounce he was nearly bouncing off frames, but they are great!