baby led weaning is when you forego the purees and go straight in at the deep end with appropriate finger foods. the gill rapley guidelines for baby led weaning are accessible through our links list. this is our nearly baby led weaning diary. the best place to start is at the bottom and work your way up. enjoy! hilly and charlotte.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

no time to blog

life is moving pretty fast here. we are very busy anyway, but on top of that we are going to be moving to gibraltar for the summer. lots to think about and unfortunately blogging will have to take a back seat.
charlotte's ssecond tooth is on it's way through and she is finally getting a bit interested in food. apart from the egg and milk allergies, she's eating everything she is offered albeit in small quantities still. there's not much to say on the weaning front so i'll not be posting for the moment.

Friday, 8 June 2007

bad news about egg

charlotte tried scrambled egg today, the tiniest bit, and it caused her allergic reaction on her face. bad news, it looks like she'll be egg and milk free now.

Thursday, 7 June 2007


we have been away in barcelona for a few days. charlotte loved the lifestyle and has started eating a lot more (but still not that much). she ate some new foods:
tomato bread - toasted ciabatta with tomato, olive oil and garlic rubbed on.
fresh bread with apple jam
fresh strawberries

pic to go here

Friday, 1 June 2007

not much going on

apart from a tooth finally emerging, not much has been going on in the past couple of days. we did join the library and pick up our bookstart bag yesterday. charlotte was also weighed at the health visitors' and she is now 16lb 13oz so she has goined exactly 10lb since birth.

so not much else to say. a bit of pasta with bolognese was eaten at lunchtime, but still not much to write about. alpro yoghurt and strawberry compote went down well though.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

growing up

charlotte is finally getting a bit mobile (i'll look back with fondness on the days when she stayed put, i'm sure!) and she can now shuffle to her toy box and pull all of the toys out. it's brilliant as it keeps her occupied for ages. i have a feeling that this game will be short lived and soon she'll be in the cat food, kitchen cupboards and up the stairs. time to get babyproofing.

her first tooth is finally starting to come through too. i'm not looking forward to the experience of breastfeeding during teething...

grandma's asparagus soup

charlotte had fresh bread dunked in soup for lunch yesterday. she definitely enjoyed it as she kept sucking the soup out of the bread and then letting me re-dunk it.

we went to holland and barratt in the afternoon and bought an apple and pear spread. i mixed it with some plain alpro for pudding at tea time and she went a bit loopy in anticipation of each new mouthful. i've never seen her so excited about food and it was great to see. maybe we're getting closer to having proper meals together...

bank holiday roast

charlotte had her first roast dinner on monday. a piece of roast beef, roast potato and parsnip, carrot and spinach. she enjoyed the roasted veg but wasn't so keen on the meat or spinach.