baby led weaning is when you forego the purees and go straight in at the deep end with appropriate finger foods. the gill rapley guidelines for baby led weaning are accessible through our links list. this is our nearly baby led weaning diary. the best place to start is at the bottom and work your way up. enjoy! hilly and charlotte.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

out and about

we had a busy day yesterday. up to visit my mother in law first, then on to wandsworth common for a lunch date with a friend who is pregnant. we sat on the common and played, which was lovely and had lunch in a little cafe. charlotte had the usual breadsticks, organix carrot snacks and dried apricots.

she was then very well behaved as we nursed on a bench on wandsworth common. she pulled my pashmina tightly around her so nobody could see. i enjoyed this experience very much, and was glowing with pride at both of us for feeding so well in the busy park.

then on to an engagement party in streatham, where charlotte met lots of new friends and tucked into the crudites (but no dips) after demloishing the rest of her breadsticks. she didn't swallow any, but sucked on a celery stick for ages.

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Billy's Mummy said...

Feeding out is great - you should be proud!