baby led weaning is when you forego the purees and go straight in at the deep end with appropriate finger foods. the gill rapley guidelines for baby led weaning are accessible through our links list. this is our nearly baby led weaning diary. the best place to start is at the bottom and work your way up. enjoy! hilly and charlotte.

Monday, 19 March 2007

week 2 continues

so, after the formula disaster, i wasn't sure if it was the baby rice, formula or milk in general that had caused the allergic reaction. we stuck to safe products for the next couple of days:

banana and pear puree made into lollies (great for teething pains)
rice cakes with apricot compote (in a jar) spread on top, which has become a firm favorite in the licking stakes.
weetabix and expressed milk, which she turned her nose up at.
steamed parsnip, which was really squishy and she seemed to enjoy.

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